Prydes EasiOil 5L

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100% Australian Canola Oil

Coat Shine and Cool Calories for
Performance or Weight Gain

FORM: Liquid

FOR: Suitable for All Horses


5 Litre 

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Why EasiOil®?

Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids so they are still active for coat shine, skin health, cell integrity and overall vitality.

Cool energy - EasiOil allows you to feed more calories for weight gain or performance without affecting behaviour the way other sources of energy like grains sometimes do.

A source of fatty acids that will fuel muscles during slower work, allowing muscles to save glycogen and delay fatigue.

Energy rich - 1 cup of EasiOil has the same amount of calories as 700 grams of oats, allowing you to get a lot of calories into a ration without the bulk.
Mild flavour that even fussy eaters will enjoy.








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